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Successfully Launch a Purpose Led Podcast.

Learn directly from Maritza Barone, the Founder of The Guide Your Light Network and Podcast Host of Things You Can't Un-Hear!

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What Our Members Say


"Out of everything that I do, the podcast is where I feel most authentic and connected. I would literally quit absolutely everything to do it full time."

Liz Volpe
Spiritual AF

Ali McKelvie.png

“This particular Guide Your Light network – I’m so grateful for. I feel like that it’s not just a collaboration. It’s not just a support network. It’s a place where we make lifelong friendships and connections. So you just don’t know where it’s going to take you when you’re involved in this group”.

Ali McKelvie 
Why The F$%K Am I Still Single?

Elizabeth Formosa.png

"Launching a podcast had been on my radar for years!

The thought of tackling it solo was completely overwhelming. 

Reaching out to Maritza was the best decision I've made. She guided me through the entire process from concept to demystifying the tech side! 

In a matter of weeks, I was up and launched!"

Elizabeth Formosa, Fashion.Business.Mindset

Tory Giles.png

"Maritza is amazing, I could listen to her talk for hours. So much great information & wisdom shared in her Guide Your Light sessions."

Tory Giles from
Tory Giles Health

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