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Podcasts for purpose driven brands and people.

From strategy to launch, we empower purpose driven individuals and brands to amplify their voice through podcasting, fostering a positive impact to the community around them.

We create conversations that matter,
with voices that matter.


From mentoring and onboarding, to launching and beyond, we help you to get clear on what sharing your voice means and how using it through podcasting and speaking can benefit you, your business and of course your audience.

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"I created this podcast network so that others can experience the fulfillment of speaking, inspiring and sharing their voice to help others."
- Maritza Barone, Founder Guide Your Light.

Maritza Barone is a podcaster, impact producer and presenter with 20 years experience in Media & Production covering content predominantly on Mindset and Wellbeing. 

She has interviewed thousands of people and is known to get the best out of people through her heart led questions and natural curiosity.

She is the host of the top rated Things You Can’t Un-Hear podcast that urges people to create positive change in their lives through being inspired by what they hear on the show.

She founded the Guide Your Light podcast network in 2022 with a mission to elevate voices creating a positive impact to audiences around the world. Since its launch, the network has top ranked podcasts under its belt and continues to attract change makers striving to make a difference in their field.

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Are you finally ready to speak, inspire and transform people with your VOICE?


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