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They used to say content was king, but we have always believed that IMPACT is king. But why not have both?

When you merge powerful content with purposeful intention, the results can change lives. That’s where we come in.

"As a large scale company, it is important that we stay at the forefront of technology and continuously use fresh ways to engage our team and community. We have used podcasting over the last several years to elevate industry voices and also widen the reach of our team's voice. The Guide Your Light Network has been an instrumental part in making that a success" 


- Stockland. 

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How we help you to reach the world
through podcasting




Work closely with us to map out a solid pathway on how your brand can reach listeners in an impactful way. 





We create a solid roadmap that makes sure your podcast has all the important elements it needs. We set clear plans & outline expectations.





Professional & productive, from concept to recording, editing and beyond we get your show out into the world sounding & looking its best.





Your listeners are waiting. We help to get your podcast into the right ears, engaging your ideal audience with impact.

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Private Podcasts 

Learning & Development Tool

Not all podcasts are public. Some podcasts are targeted and specifically directed to a niche audience (in the form of private podcast) to share knowledge and training within a company or group. 

Private podcasts are becoming popular amongst learning and development teams, as with audio content teams & listeners can tune in while away from their screens & while doing other things. 

  1. Audio simplifies learning. 

  2. Making it easier and more enjoyable to absorb new knowledge. 

  3. Teams can multitasks & fit their learning into the rhythm of everyday life - outside of traditional hours if needed.

Launching a successful & impactful podcast is a skill. Let us help you.

Explore the next steps in driving more change, authority, recognition to your personal brand or company through podcasting.

  1. Create deep connection with your audience

  2. Guide more people to your brand

  3. Connect with other leading podcasters & change makers in their field 

Get set to elevate your voice through podcasting.

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