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Launch Your Purposeful Podcast
In Just 30 Days.

The plunge to start speaking on your very own podcast, is one that most people think about long before they start!

The plunge to start speaking on your very own podcast, is one that most people think about long before they start!



Probably because there is one little roadblock getting in your way & it all feels too hard.


We are here to help, and have put together a LAUNCH strategy that will finally get your voice into the ears of your dream listener & audience



have your season live!




Full Creation of show intro and outro


Licensed music

Full production audio files (+ video option)

Full editing / mixdown and post production conversion to high quality file ready for upload (audio enhancements, sound balancing, noise reduction, remove stumbles)

File management (shared drives)

Podcast platform back end set-up (inc all major distribution channels i.e. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.

Graphic design for podcast promo tile (optional)

Fully produced trailer to launch your show

& Promotional Snippets for each episode

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“Conversations that matter with voices that matter

“By being part of this Guide Your Light Network, you’re not only connecting with like minded people, but you’re also learning tools to better yourself too, and be a better human”.

Ali McKelvie




  • You don't know where to start to build and structure your show

  • You currently don't have enough time or resources

  • You are unclear about how podcasting technology works

  • You don't know what equipment you need to record!

  • You aren't sure how to get it out to the right audience.

  • Throughout our launch process, we will solve all of these blocks for you and get your show & your voice out into the world.

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We don't just help you to launch. We also hold your hand the entire way and help you to grow.

Our Guide Your Light Network community meets every 6 weeks and works together regularly to build each other up and collaborate for shared success.


We have ongoing packages, after your launch to help you flourish - just like these leading shows below.

woman in black tank top sitting on chair

This is for you if:

You are ready to finally hit record on your message with impact.


You are ready to step into the light and be given the tools to seamlessly create your very own podcast


You want to be part of a community of independent podcasters who are there to create a ripple effect of change!

“Every single thing that happens on the podcast – from the guests that say yes to being on the show, to the synchronicities, to the flow on business that I get, everything flows energetically and that’s what makes it so enjoyable.”

Liz Volpe

Launching a successful & impactful podcast is a skill. Let us help you.

Explore the next steps in driving more change, authority, recognition to your personal brand or company through podcasting.

  1. Create deep connection with your audience

  2. Guide more people to your brand

  3. Connect with other leading podcasters & change makers in their field 

Get set to elevate your voice through podcasting.

Our team will be in touch soon

more words from our voices

“My biggest passion right now is the podcast – and even as I’m saying it, I’m getting the goose bumps”.

Dianne Driscoll

“Out of everything that I do, the podcast is where I feel most authentic and connected. I would literally quit absolutely everything to do it full time.”

Liz Volpe

“We are podcasting to hopefully help make at least one person’s life a bit easier in some way, shape or form”.

Ali McKelvie

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Are you finally ready to speak, inspire and transform people with your VOICE?


Book a free call with us to talk through your ideas.

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