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Guide Your Light

Creating conversations that matter with voices that matter.

Founder Guide Your Light Network,

Media Presenter & Podcaster 

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Are you ready to finally share your
unique and authentic voice to the world?

Do you want to inspire, educate, motivate, transform
or entertain others with your message and experiences?

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You might be thinking:

  • You have something important to say, but you don’t know to say it.

  • You often think about how if you shared your voice, how much it could help others

  • You know by sharing your voice it will help your business grow, but you need help to start

  • You have a story and message so powerful but don’t know how to put it into words

  • You want to speak but haven’t fine-tuned your core message

  • You don’t know exactly “who” would want to listen to what you have to say

  • You need to speak but you don’t like being “seen”.

Is there another way?
Yes there is.

We help you to get clear on what sharing your voice means to you and how it can benefit other people, by creating a simple step by step process to get to the core message of your voice, how you want to use it and guide you in the art of using the transformative medium of podcasting as your platform!

This is for you if:

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You are ready to finally hit record on your message with impact.

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You are ready to step into the light and be given the tools to seamlessly create Season 1 of your very own podcast.

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You want to be part of a community of independent voices who are there to create a ripple effect of change!

We help you to:

  • Set your intention

  • Gain clarity

  • Find your audience

  • Structure your show

  • Craft your communication

  • Build your first season (8 episodes)

  • Understand equipment you will need

  • Build your promotional assets

  • Set up processes so you are ready to record!

  • Finally share your voice, because it is IMPORTANT that you do!

The Guide Your Light Network brings together a community of impact led independent podcasters, elevating voices who are inspiring educating, entertaining and transforming lives.

Creating conversations that matter, with voices that matter.

We help people get clear on what sharing their voice means and how it can benefit others, by creating a simple step by step process to get to the core message, how you use your voice and guide in the art of using the transformative medium of podcasting as your platform!

Why am I the right person to help you?

Founder Guide Your Light Network,  Media Presenter & Podcaster 

“I share my voice, so that you can share yours”.

I am a podcaster, producer and presenter with 15 years experience in Media & Production covering content predominantly on Mindset and Wellbeing.

I launched my highly ranked Things You Can’t Un-Hear podcast because of the pure reason that I she truly had to share the lessons I was hearing on my own self-development journey – as they were so transformative that I could simply not keep them to myself. Feeling so shifted, changed and renewed, I knew this awareness & knowledge might just do the same for others.

My podcast now ranks in the top rated Self-Improvement podcasts in Australia, and I have created a thriving business doing what I love.

My mission is to help others to voice their thoughts in a way that is clear, meaningful, engaging and life changing, through podcasting.

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When I hear people share their story for the very first time, the feeling is beyond words. You see the sense of freedom and release when someone is able to use their voice authentically and publicly, when they have been given the platform to do so.

What others have said

Maritza has such a beautiful gift of holding space and asking the right questions and really getting to the depths of a persons mission.

- Darrielle

Our simple process to help you to Guide Your Light

Step 1 

Register for our Guide Your Light video sessions and workbooks to gain clarity and structure your show with intention.


Step 2

Go Live, with the first Season of your very own podcast with the help of the Guide Your Light Production Team.


You will receive:

  • Fully produced show intro and outro

  • Licensed backing music

  • Distribution on all major listening platforms (including Apple Podcast, Spotify)

  • 8 Episodes full edited and ready to release


  • Fully edited trailer to launch your show

Step 3

Guide Your Light can provide ongoing production & editing for your show and guidance and support to ensure you stay focused on your podcasting journey! (Most podcasts don’t last past their first 7 episodes, so we make sure you have everything you need to last the distance in this podcasting game!)  

Step 4

Apply to become part of the Guide Your Light network and part of a community of independent and important voices after the completion of your first season!

The first 5 course participants of each in-take will receive a FREE BONUS  one-on-one 60 x minute mentoring session with Maritza Barone where you can flesh out your ideas and core message to create the biggest impact, valued at $500.


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Register now

It’s time to share your unique and amazing voice and it’s your time to thrive.  

Can’t wait to see you in there,

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If you have any questions reach out to us at 

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